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About Us

Mission Statement

Produce quality medicines ensuring “Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)” to serve humanity in the best possible manner as we believe that “Healthcare and Wellbeing of Patients” is our first and foremost responsibility.


The Mission Statement has been carved with extreme of care, thought and deliberation, as such we consider it to be “Our Belief ”. We would always strive to abide by it, and will ensure its accomplishment at all cost.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow steadily and create a special niche for Well & Well both at the National, and International level through hard work, consistency and mutual trust.


We are constantly deliberating and endeavoring to formulate strategies which should ensure a bright future for us; besides the expansion programme, we are constantly striving to improve the procedures, and processes within our departments, in particular the Production, and Quality Control.

Business Strategy
We possess fortitude for adherence

Our business strategy rests on these three pillars

Research Development

Our main focus would remain to be R&D. We believe that our efforts, and investment in the field of R&D would not only bear rich dividends for Well & Well, but would also help our end user i.e. patient in a big way.


R&D would remain to be our back bone, and we intend creating a centre of excellence for this very discipline.


For effective R&D we are making sincere efforts to develop collaborations, and links with other Research Groups, and Academic Institutions to help in creating new / transformative scientific concepts.

Our Vision

Safety and Health of our employees, and protection of Environment (EHS) will remain to be our primary objective, considering that this very factor would not only help us in producing quality medicines but would also take care of certain other important aspects related to pharmaceuticals.


For ensuring protection of environment, we strictly adhere to our Waste Management Policy; the cardinals of this policy are as follows:

  • Avoid
  • Reduce
  • Recycle
  • Ecological Protection

We cater for your medical needs

Our highly skilled staff using their ingenuity of mind, and innovativeness are constantly striving to cater for your medical needs, and requirements.

Social Responsibility

We strongly believe in the fact that we owe a lot to our country, and the community – our concern for the community would always remain to be our primary objective. In order to fulfill this mission of ours, we have pledged to dedicate a share of our income towards charitable activities.


Very soon we intend venturing into some community service projects like Free Dispensary and Child Care Centre etc.


We also intend undertaking projects which deal with Public Awareness of Disease Prevention.

Ethical Conduct

We consider ethical conduct to be our main attribute, and are proud of this particular fact. Our endeavor is to create an environment which pervades ethical culture at Well & Well through implementation of appropriate policies, enrolment of right kind of human resource, and inculcation of core values, so that our conduct always remains ethical.


Our motto We Care and slogan Patients First would remain to be hallmark of our ethical conduct.